We aim to make ridesharing more sustainable for drivers and our planet.

Nearly half of the 2.5 million rideshare drivers in the US make less than minimum wage after expenses. We think that’s unacceptable. Taxie reduces the barrier to entry to driving a premium electric vehicle. With the higher fare price-points and lower expenses furnished by premium EVs, Taxie equips rideshare drivers to make more money each month to continue to provide for their loved ones.

Meet the team

Gustavo Castillo

MBA & MS @ MIT Linkedin

Growing up in Los Angeles, I hated the smog. As a car guy, I’ve struggled to balance wanting to reduce CO2 emissions while still driving fun cars. I’ve been lucky to build a career in the automotive industry at Tesla and General Motors working on electric vehicles. I know EVs seem out of reach for lower-income families. With Taxie, we want to change that. We’re working towards a future where universal access to EVs means we can drive without smog.

Eesha Khare

PhD @ MIT Linkedin

There are a lot of goals thrown around for reducing emissions or helping our environment. But we are slowly getting physical things on the road, physical things to real people. Taxie is the exception, and through our work we are helping to accelerate the electric transition. These small steps are helpful for learning, at the very least, how we can make a transition to electric or to a cleaner industry.


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