Navigating the Boston charging network

Like many cities in the US, Boston has been ramping up development of electric vehicle infrastructure. With increasingly high numbers of EVs on the road, the city recognized it needed to focus on building a charging station network. Below, we’ve compiled a guide to the charging stations currently available in Boston and neighboring cities.

You can find public charging stations at this link that maps all the charging stations in and around Boston by ArcGIS and the Boston City government.

PlugShare and Charge Hub, companies that operate their own charging networks, also compile information on the charging stations infrastructure in Boston online.

PlugShare allows you to plan road trips with your EV with a network of charging stations and providing the most efficient route to your destination. It also has filters like the types of plugs available - Tesla Supercharger, CHAdeMo - and also networks available - Blink, ChargePoint, GE WattStation, etc.

ChargeHub also provides similar services, including filters to find level 1, 2, 3, and Tesla charging stations in the Boston area. ChargeHub also provides comprehensive guides on EV savings, home charging, and public charging on their website.

As of 2019, Boston had one charger for every thousand residents and these charging stations are mostly concentrated in the locations of Downtown and Seaport district. While most of these chargers are publicly accessible, they are not free-to-access. This means they are behind a paywall, commonly parking garage fees. Popular charging stations in the Boston area are operated by ChargePoint and Tesla at Prudential Center, Langsam Garage, Allston Road, Boylston Street, and Harborside Drive. Other EV friendly cities around Boston include Cambridge with 163 stations, Waltham with 92 stations, Worcester with 77 stations.

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