Drive electric. Take home more money.

Find the affordable way to drive a premium electric vehicle for rideshare. Drive with Taxie and put more money in your pocket.

Why drive with Taxie?


With one weekly payment and flexible rental periods, we offer a driver-centric experience.


Our team is passionate about improving your ride and helping you make more money.


Clear terms, no hidden fees. Tricking people isn’t our style.

How it works

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Getting started is simple

Fill out a short application to join our waiting list and our team will reach out. Once your application is approved, we’ll bring your Tesla to you and offer guidance on operating and charging the vehicle at home and on the road.

Drive electric

We’ll cover your charging so you can save money on gas. Going electric with Taxie allows you to drive as you need without having to stop at the gas station.

Take home more money

Work with Taxie to get the lowest total cost of operation for rideshare driving. You’ll skip expensive gas stops and maintenance appointments, while able to accept UberBlack and Lyft Lux rides so you can take up to $1,000 more home each month.


How do I apply?


Join our waitlist here. Someone on our team will reach out to answer questions and share how you can make more money by driving a premium electric vehicle for rideshare.

How do you vet drivers?


During the vetting process, we check some of these criteria: driving record, credit score, Uber/Lyft driver score.

Where is Taxie available?


Taxie is currently available in the Boston Area. If you’re not in Boston, you can join our waitlist to know when we expand into new cities.

How much does it cost?


If you’re approved to drive with Taxie, you will pay one flat weekly fee of $400. We cover your charging, insurance, and maintenance so you can focus on what matters most - connecting with your customers.

How much range does it have?


Our cars have at least 200 miles of range, which typically lasts 7 hours of continuous city driving.

Where can I charge the car?


We work with our drivers to find both charging stations close to home and DC fast chargers for recharging during the day.

How do I make more money with Taxie?


With Taxie, you’ll stop paying for gas and we cover your charging costs. Driving a premium EV also means you qualify for Uber Black and Lyft Lux, so you can make more money per ride.

Is insurance included?


Insurance, maintenance, and charging are all included.

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